Under Enlightenment

Painting – Size: 55” x 103”, Mixed Media $8,000.00

She received a BS in Education from the University of Kansas in 1963 with emphasis in History and English. In 1977, she received her BA in Fine Art from the University of Illinois Chicago “with Honors and Highest Distinction”, and in 1978, she studied with Elaine deKooning in Washington State.

“I received my fine arts degree from the U of I in Chicago. My teachers are Chicago’s abstract painters – disciples of Wassily Kandinsky who designed the fine arts program for the Bauhaus. The Bauhaus was founded in 1917 in Weimar, Germany as the center for new age visuals. It represented a return to truth, purity and integrity: `Form follows function’. “I began teaching to better understand my unconventional training in Chicago. Instead of putting an emphasis on skills, the emphasis is on creativity. Indeed, skills must often be surrendered for creativity to flow. Right brain experiences are encouraged, but instead of directing everyone toward the same goal (which is usually Renaissance Master craftsmanship), the emphasis is on originality and each artist’s uniqueness. One of my teachers used to say “Each of us is born with a mark. The idea is to find that mark and capitalize on it’.”

“When we come from our souls rather than from our eyes, and when we regain our childhood innocence, we’re the best we can be as artists and as people.”

Peggy Zehring
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